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Wine Australia Region Map Western South Tasmania Victoria New South Wales Queensland

Australian wine is unique with a combination of ancient soils, many of the oldest vines in the world, and extraordinary diversity among its 65 wine regions.

Australia has more than 2400 wineries, located in climates ranging from very warm to marginal to cool with alpine influences. Australian wines express the passion and craftsmanship of its winemakers as they interpret this unique landmass and its countless different microclimates and terroirs.

Australia is lucky to have few regulations that limit what winemakers can grow and where. Winemakers have unlimited freedom to experiment and refine the quality and individual style of their wines. Yes, Australia is known for Shiraz, but did you know it grows over 100 other grapes?

Our wine regions are scattered with multi-generational families whose long-standing dedication provides inspiration, leadership and custodial care of some of the country’s most precious vines and wines. Each winemaker, old or young, has a story to tell about their vines and with a winemaking history dating back to the 1840’s, Australia is home to the oldest ungrafted Shiraz, Grenache, and Mourvedre vines in the world.

We invite you delve deeper into the regions, varieties and trends shaping Australian wine today.

Region Maps

Wine Australia - Region - Victoria
Wine Australia - Region - New South Wales
Wine Australia - Region - Western Australia
Wine Australia - Region - South Australia
Wine Australia - Region - Queensland
Wine Australia - Region - Tasmania